Customs Clearance

Our company has over then fifteen years experience in such a complex area as customs' logistics of non commercial freightage.

Already, at the stage of invoice reconciliation, we'll help you to anticipate any potential risks, associated with customs clearance procedure.

For customer convinience, we've issued some usefull guides which help you to fill invoices and airway bills easily and general universal guide for shippers.

Moreover, even perfectly planned processes can be stopped by any contingencies. Then we'll execute all necessary actions for your freight to be delivered in shortest time within required temperature conditions.

We offer a turnkey service as following:

  1. Pre-coordination of all details with a shipper.
  2. Preparation of all necessary documents for customs clearance including invoices' translations.
  3. Obtaining of all necessary documents in regulatory authorities (export and import licenses, approvals and other documents for goods' import).
  4. We deliver compliant transport and storage supply chain (from pick-up abroad to delivery to client's or our store in Russia).
  5. On clent's request, we'll become a responsible consignee, enabling you to avoid necessity to register in the customs.