Sustainability Policy

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Policy NameSustainability Policy
Applies ToVector-Logistics Colleagues
Effective DateDecember 16, 2016
Approved ByGeneral Director and Commercial Director
Date Policy was last reviewedDecember 2017


Vector-Logistics acts to provide higher QoS and act for a better planet.


Our attitude to business is inspired by commitments to: Transparency and Continuous Improvement.

Key issues

Vector-Logistics faces many challenges. Due to their direct impact on us, we’ve prioritized the following issues that need to be addressed: Climate change, health and safety.

Scope of commitment

This policy will apply to all events hosted by Vector-Logistics and our vendors. This is assumed to include events we host and pay for, including sponsorships. Staff and contractors are expected to uphold objectives under this policy to the fullest extent possible within prevailing budgets. And to inform management of financial and other barriers to achieving goals.

We acknowledge we have limited influence over third parties whose events we may attend but do not organize, such as trade shows where we exhibit. While we cannot control the decisions of these parties, we commit to educate them of our policy and encourage them to align operating practices with policy objectives.

We choose every day in big and small ways how our actions and words build a better quality of life for our employees, clients, event participants and suppliers.


Commit to:

1. Minimize environmental impacts in the areas of waste, water, energy and air quality.

o Use Euro5 patrol for company fleet

o kWh energy use at office: Reduce to under than 13,505 kWh this year.

o Emissions produced by staff while transporting or air travel: Reduce to fewer than 10 MT. (still under investigation how to messure)

2. Give back to communities by volunteering and donating resources.

o Value of proactive volunteer work: $25,000.

3. Ensure our supply chain has responsible social and environmental practices.

o Percentage of vendors used who meet company minimum sustainability guidelines: 50% of vendors compliant.

4. Create innovative approaches to minimize negative environmental impacts and integrate the social elements in to delivering meetings.

o Number of sustainability innovations introduced for client projects: 2 (minimum).

5. Minimize impact on world’s forest.

o Proceed with integrating and using e-document turnover with vendors and customers: upgrade to 70% (minimum)

Managing and reporting:

1. Internal senior reviews will be held at least once per year.