Anti-Bribery Policy


Vector-Logistics management consider Bribery as a crime and breaching anti-bribery legislation is not taken lightly. We do all we can to ensure risks of bribery and corruption are kept to an absolute minimum.

Periodical trainings and constant adherence to align to high standards of QoS and reliability towards our colleagues, partners and customers.

By reviewing and accepting by signature, the one agrees, undertakes and understands the responsibility and importance of fulfillment of the policy.

Article 1

We undertake in the performance of my obligations under the labor contract No. from, do not pay, do not offer to pay and do not allow the payment of any money or valuables, directly or indirectly, to any person, to influence the actions or decisions of these persons in order to obtain any undue advantages or other illegal purposes.

When fulfilling my obligations, I undertake not to carry out directly, through affiliated persons, employees or intermediaries, actions qualified by applicable law for the purposes of this Treaty, such as giving / receiving bribes, commercial bribery, as well as actions violating the requirements of applicable law and international acts countering the legalization (laundering) of proceeds from crime.

In the event that a violation of any of the provisions of this Article occurs or may occur, I undertake to notify the employer in writing. After a written notice, the employer has the right to suspend the fulfillment of obligations, pending receipt of confirmation that a violation has not occurred or will not occur. This confirmation must be sent within ten business days of the date the written notice is sent.

In a written notice, I undertake to refer to the facts or provide materials that reliably confirm or give reason to believe that a violation of any provision of this Article by the counterparty, its affiliated persons, employees or intermediaries expressed or may be expressed in actions qualified by applicable law as a dacha or accepting bribes, commercial bribery, as well as actions that violate the requirements of applicable law and international acts on countering legal variations in criminal income.

Article 2

In case of violation of obligations to refrain from actions prohibited and in Article 1 of this Agreement and / or non-receipt within the time period established by this agreement that no violation occurred or will not occur, the employer has the right to terminate the agreement unilaterally in whole or in part by sending a written notice of termination . And also, to demand compensation for damage caused by the violation.