For several years, our team is supporting those who need help and do not have the opportunity to take care of themselves. Especially in such a difficult period as the Pandemic. Replacing corporate gifts with donations and assistance to society in need was the first experience in honor of New Year 2021. We considered this experience to be very positive and believe that it combines useful with pleasant. The benefit to those for whom we are trying to purchase the necessary goods is pleasant to you, because it is on your behalf against corporate presentations. We hope that after returning to a normal rhythm of life, we will be able to resume the familiar frontal communication and meet in person. At the same time, we want to preserve and continue the tradition of helping those who need it. In this regard, we decided to publish information and share it with you. In honor of March 8, 2021, we decided to purchase goods for the organizations / shelters mentioned in the table. The quantity and the list are indicated for the purposes of information disclosure and transparency of the activity. We will try to add to this list as often as possible.

Best regards, Vector-Logistics Team